A downloadable game for Windows

The colorful Kignao descend from heaven to evolve in new colors.
Before they stop move them left or right with the arrow keys.
Press down arrow to accelerate their descent.

Place them next to others with the same color. In this way they will join in a single and evolved Kignao.
If this happens several times realize the combo doubling your points.
Evolve the Kignao, until they become Blacks :
Reaping the quantity indicated, you will have completed the level.
The higher the level increases the higher the rate of descent of Kignao.
If the Kignao reach the top of the screen, you will have lose :

You can post your records into ranking online , oppure on twitter, or do a like on facebook.

Select from the options, your language between English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian.

Controls :
Press 'Left' , 'right' or 'Down' to move the kignao.
Press ' P' to pause the game.
Press the flag to select your language.
Press ' M' to enable or disable the Music.
Press + or - for setting the volume.

Press ' F' for setting the fullscreen

Donwload for Windows ( 12 MB )

Web Page and Online Heighscore

Install instructions

The game does not require installation, just donwload and double click to start


Kignao_2.exe 11 MB