A downloadable game for Windows

Information in English

Little skier is a free game consists of a single layer and with the possibility to send in the ranking online your records.

As the title suggests you will have to ski ... using the "A" and "D" to turn , and the "S" key to slow down the speed.

As good skier you have to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible and without skipping door blue or red .
Collecting gems in the level , you will increase the points in the standings.
Collect all 80 gems , with which you will double your final score.

Tested on windows XP sp2 and on a laptop with window7 .
The game resolution is 1000x800 .

The game is in English but in the main menu you can also select the Italian language.
It ' was made with Game Maker 5.0 + Ultimate 3d 2.1.1 and Guman for the creation of the level.


  • f1 : information ;
  • A, D : directs young skiers ;
  • S: slow down ;
  • R : restart the level ;
  • ESC : quit or return to the menu;

Donwload for Windows ( 5 MB .zip )

Web Page and Online Heighscore

Install instructions

The game does not need to install it, just download it and start it.


PiccoloSciatore.zip 5 MB